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Material Practice Facilities

The AAP Material Practice Facilities (MPF) encompasses all the tech shops within the College of Architecture, Art and Planning. It includes the Tjaden Darkroom, Print Media Labs, and the Rand Fabrication Shop. This website provides resources such as tutorials, safety guidelines, MSDS sheets, dynamic event calendars and links to important paperwork and resources. If for any reason you need to contact us please feel free to email Frank Parish at

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Rand Shop

The fabrication facility in Rand Hall includes a fully equipped digital fabrication lab, wood shop, metal shop, and 24/7 work area. The digital fabrication center consists of a computer lab alongside a wide variety of digital tools including: CNC machines, laser cutters, and 3D printers. The analog shops include table saws, band saws, sanders, welders, kilns, and much more. After shop hours we have a tool checkout center where students can check out drills, sanders, and many other small tools to use in the 6,000 square-foot work area open 24 hours a day. Before using the shop all students attend a thorough safety training program where they learn how to safely use all the tools and machinery.

Photo Labs

The Tjaden Photo Labs consist of multiple darkrooms supporting work with all camera formats up to 8x10 inches. Color darkrooms feature individual enlarging rooms and a 30-inch color print processor. A shooting studio includes seamless backgrounds as well as tungsten and electronic flash lighting equipment. Professional-grade medium format, large format, and digital cameras are available to advanced students with training and permission. Students who have darkroom experience and knowledge may have access to the darkroom. Students must provide evidence of experience with photographic processes and darkroom equipment. The darkroom manager approves usage and qualifying experience. Attending the darkroom safety training and orientation session is required each semester.

Print Media

The Print Media facility includes three complete studios for etching, lithography, and silk-screen printing, as well as a printmaker’s darkroom. For etching, there are several presses, the largest of which has a bed size of 40 x 80 inches. There are four lithography presses, and the silkscreen facilities include a screen washout booth and an exposure unit. The printmaking darkroom features the Nuarc 40-IKS Metal Halide Exposure Unit.


Learn how to safely and effectively use shop equipment and materials. The tutorials will walk you through the proper steps from prepping your material to operating the equipment so as to create exactly the finished product you’re looking for.